Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Out of This World by Jill Shalvis

Out Of This World
Grade - C+
Hotness Level - Blaze
Kink Level - None
Genre - Contemporary/Paranormal
Reviewed by Kate

One of the things I love about my library is it's romance section. Four shoulder-height racks that rotate. The part I like best is that they are only loosely alphabetized. Meaning all the "M"s are together, but not necessarily in order. It might seem like a strange thing to appreciate, but I love stumbling across a favorite author's book I haven't heard of before. That's how I found this quirky Shalvis read.

Rachel inherits a Bed & Breakfast in Alaska from her aunt. She takes her good friend Kellan with her to explore the B&B. There she meets Marilee, the cook who can't cook, and Axel, the guide who always gets lost.

Rachel and Kel get struck by lightning and wake up with x-ray vision (for Rachel) and super-human strength (for Kel). And that's just the beginning of the strangeness. A secret pair of guests, the aunt's fully stocked gun cabinet, and dimension jumping pirates round out the plot.

This is definitely a departure from the Lucky Harbor Shalvis I am used to. Written in first person from both Rachel and Kel's point-of-view, Shalvis has created a separate world that you are only given the smallest glimpse of, enough to leave me with tons of unanswered questions.

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  1. I think just walking into a library relaxes me. Mine has the same rack of paperbacks, mostly romance, separated by first letter of the author's last name. It's such a fun place to browse! ~Anne