Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snowbound with the CEO BY Shannon Stacey

Snowbound with the CEO
Grade: B
Hotness Level: Blaze
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Contemporary, Novella
Published: 11/4/13
Reviewed by Anne
66 pages

Rachel has a crush on her boss, Adrian.  Adrian owns and runs a very successful construction/rehabilitation company, and unbeknownst to Rachel, he has a crush right back on her.  When they get snowed in together at a mountain resort, they spend some non-working time together, which leads to a weekend fling.
If I had a crush on my CEO boss and decided to have some no strings sex with each other, but then ended up falling for him, I think this is exactly how it would go down.  It's emotionally messy.  They work very well together, but when it comes to personal stuff, they stumble around and try not to step on the other's toes.  That was a little frustrating, but it felt so real!
The story was still that great Shannon Stacey mix of sweet and funny.  It's a quick and enjoyable holiday read that I recommend.

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