Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dusk With A Dangerous Duke by Alexandra Hawkins

Dusk with a Dangerous Duke (Lords of Vice, #6)
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-None
Series-Lords Of Vice #6
Reviewed by Kay

This is the latest installment of the Lords Of Vice series by Alexandra Hawkins. This novel features Hunter and Lady Grace. They have been betrothed since childhood. Grace was in fact a two year old. This arrangement was made up between Hunter's grandmother and Grace's grandfather.

Hunter is a Lord of Vice and the Duke of Huntsley.  Grace is a titled lady in her own right. Hunter left her in the country for nineteen years so they both could grow up. She was kept under his protection after her grandfather's death. She grew up with her governess and not much of anyone else.
Hunter grew up in mischief and lived the lifestyle of a rake. Grace held a love of sorts toward Hunter, By that I mean she was in love with the idea of him and their upcoming marriage. Hunter abandoned Grace in the country with resentment toward her. He didn't want a wife and basically blamed her for their situation. For years, she wrote to him and waited for him to acknowledge her in some way, which he never did.

Grace takes years of slights from Hunter and finally decides she's had enough and comes to London. She calls off the betrothal and starts looking for another husband. Hunter goes absolutely ballistic at the news. See, they will both lose their fortunes if the betrothal doesn't go through. Hunter goes on a mission to court the woman he should never have had to court.

I enjoyed watching Hunter scramble because his treatment of an orphaned girl was abhorrent. He resented a girl who was given to him to protect and he ignored her. I found him as a character to be selfish and repugnant. I love the Lords of Vice series and it is an auto read and buy for me. I was so looking forward to this book. I was disappointed a little and I felt it could've been better. It also didn't get hot until 60% into the book. Even then, you only got an interrupted scene and one full sex scene. I need more and expect more from Alexandra Hawkins. I hope we get it with Frost's book and the series goes out with bang.


  1. This set up sounds so good! Do you think I'd have to read the first five books to appreciate this one, or would it stand alone? ~Anne

  2. It needs to be read as a series for the relationship between the men. Ask Susan and Doris, it's a phenomonal series.


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