Saturday, October 6, 2012

Deep Desires by Charlotte Stein
~100 pages
Contemporary Romance
Grade: A
Heat Level: Inferno
Kink: Low
Reviewed by Anne

Abbie is a plain and dull grocery store clerk, but she’s content in her boredom.  She’s recovering from and abusive relationship and has a lot of issues related to that.  So living every day on it’s own, boring as that may be, brings her a level of happiness and self worth.  Then one night out her apartment window she sees in the window of man she knows only as The Serial Killer.  Other people in the apartment complex have given him this name because he’s so reclusive and mysterious.  Watching him through the window she’s captivated as he strips and masterbates.  And she’s sure he can’t realize she’s watching, can he? 

And so starts this deliciously dark and erotic story.  It is HOT.  Charlotte Stein has an incredible style of writing.  She uses the first person and she really knows how to write erotica.  It’s amazing how she blends the dark moments between these two damaged people and at the same time makes it so hot and so emotional that you understand why it’s worth it for them to try to overcome their scars.

My only complaint would be that I wanted more.  It was about 100 pages on my Kindle and I wanted more.  I give it an A.
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  1. I just finished this one and I give it a C-. The beginning of the story was hot, but I was pretty creeped out by the time Ivan sent Annie a videotape to watch. I get that this was supposed to be a story of Annie and Ivan helping each other heal, but I just couldn't get past the creepy factor. ~Kate